Weight loss

Weight loss

Auris presents Medimag Slim magnets, a natural method based on acupuncture, to lose weight or to stay in shape smoothly.

Far from yo-yo dieting, magnetic therapy is the right solution. Think of combining Medimag Slim with magnetised water, which will help you eliminate waste and toxins and feel good about your body.

Each extremity of the body, the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, the skull and of course the ears concentrate a large number of reflexology and acupuncture points. To lose weight and get fit, the therapeutic magnet is placed on the main point of appetite, which allows you to regulate it and eat without excess. Remember that it takes the brain 15 minutes to record the feeling of satiety.

Being overweight promotes the development of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders or musculoskeletal diseases. Although being overweight depends on a number of individual factors, it is always due to a positive energy balance: that is to say, the amount of energy from the diet is greater than the amount needed for the proper functioning of the body and for physical activity.

The main causes of overweight :

  • Industrial dishes: easy and fast but high-calorie because too fat, too salty, too sweet
  • Snacking: a little hunger, a little breakdown, an annoyance and off you go to the fridge or the cupboard
  • Lack of physical exercise: we lose the habit of walking and let ourselves go with some ease, taking the car for a few hundred meters.
  • Family and cultural habits: cooking like your parents, grandparents
  • Personal life: worries, stress, troubles that affect eating behaviour
  • Diseases and drug intake: e.g. hypothyroidism, prolonged corticosteroids, anti-anxiety

While the human body has a predisposition to build up reserves, genes are not the only cause of weight gain or being overweight. We are responsible for our food and lifestyle choices. To find out if your weight is good for you, you can check your BMI (body mass index).

The assessment of one’s own body image is often influenced by the beauty cliches enacted by the media and the beauty industry. Instead of being dictated by an ideal of beauty or imposing a model, it is much more important to find your personal comfort and well-being within a normal weight range.

Losing weight sustainably to achieve and maintain your ideal weight requires time and patience, which means forgetting about diets. All diets are based on deprivation. Depending on the era, we saw the flowering of the Ducan diet, the ketogenic diet, the DASH diet, the Atkins diet, they all have in common that they
ban sugars or fats or both.

All these diets work ... in the short term, as soon as you reintroduce a varied diet, weight gain is assured, often more important than the loss.

So, what is the right diet?

None, just avoid them. So you have to eat everything in moderation, chew long, stop eating before complete satiety because it takes 15 to 20 minutes for the brain to record the feeling of satiety. Listen to your body, when you are not hungry you do not force yourself and above all do not confuse hunger with appetite.

Make the right food combinations.

They contribute directly to digestive comfort and thus to general well-being.

Who hasn’t felt a certain heaviness, a desire to yawn or even sleep after a meal without it being too heavy? Poor food associations are the main reason.

Some basics to know for the right food combinations.

Systematically separate starches from protein-rich foods: meat, fish, cold cuts, eggs, dairy products. Forget steak and fries, fish with rice or pasta.

Starch products are to be eaten alone and proteins are accompanied by vegetables, just as dairy products do not go well with starch products, and we forget about pasta and cheese.

We hydrate ourselves properly, drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and forget about alcohol and sweet drinks. Did you know that a gram of sugar provides 3.87 kilocalories, you have 94 kilocalories in a 13.5% glass of wine and in a 25 cl glass of Coca-Cola you have 105 kcal.

Is it binding?

Not really, it’s bad habits to lose and good habits to adopt, even at the restaurant it is possible. You feel light and you lose weight.

How can magnetic therapy help you to lose weight?

Magnetic therapy is a valuable help, it offers several magnetic solutions that can be used alone or in addition to each other.
Auris presentis the magnetic slimming rings or Slim & Smoke that act on acupuncture points and help regulate the sensation of appetite.

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