Therapeutic magnets can solve a large amount of pathologies and pains. For example; arthritis, tendonitis, fatigue, cervical spondylosis, migraine, low back pain, bad sleep, edema, cicatrisation…

Arthritis and magnetic therapy

The use of magnetic therapy, using therapeutic magnet, exceeds alternative medicine. Indeed, healthcare experts, rheumatologists, doctors, and kinesiologists have understood the beneficial aspects of using therapeutic magnets in curing pain. In particular arthritis, a rheumatic disease that affects a wide range of the population of all ages.

Arthritis is the most common form of rheumatism. Arthritis is a disease that affects your joints causing a degeneration (breakdown).It can also affect the synovial joints, ligaments and tendons.Arthritis usually involves pain, stiffness, tenderness and a reduction of the functional abilities. It can affects any articulation : The thumb (called rhizarthrosis), the knee also called gonarthrosis, the hip (coxarthrosis), and also the lumbar (lumbar arthritis), the cervical (cervical spondylosis)…

The treatment of arthritis was, until very recently, under the prescription of pain relief and/or anti inflammatory, but the use of non steroid anti inflammatory is often limited by gastro-intestinal, cardiac and renal event effects, in particular for elderly people that are already under multiple medications. Therapeutic magnets are then a very interesting non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical method, particularly due to its efficiency and its safe use.

For every pathology, Auris offers the adapted product

To relieve the pain

Magneto-active textiles are made to relieve the pain without causing inconvenience to the articulation or compromising your movement. In medical elastic knitting, they offer an ideal answer for every articular or muscular condition : arthritis, tendonitis, capsulitis …Magneto active textiles are technical textiles, they are super easy to use with an incredible efficiency due to their incorporated neodymium magnets. You can easily choose the best solution tailored for your back pain, tendonitis.. or any other pain.

The Medimag range : This is a complete range of superior quality therapeutic magnets that comes in 4 diameters of 11mm up to 32mm. According to the zone to be cured, fingers, toes, knee or back, we will choose the appropriate diameter. Really easy to use, you just fix them where you need with tape. Ideal for head heck or migraine.

Shoe soles and orthosis will also help you in case of poor circulation in your feet.

For Wellness

Magnetic therapy is a valuable ally in weight loss. Based on the principle of auriculotherapy, Medimag Slim/Smoke magnets are to be put on one of the numerous acupuncture points to reduce appetite. There are 3 layers of magnets for more comfort.

Magnetised water provides deep hydration and as the human body mainly contains water, we do understand the importance of consuming magnetised water on a regular basis. There are a lot of solutions that exist, you can choose what works best for you.

Magnetic masks, made to treat ocular conditions, boost the microcirculation, relax your face and offer a real anti-ageing effect thanks to their powerful therapeutic magnets. Contrary to cosmetics, these masks are cost- saving as you don’t need to renew them.

The magnetic field is an essential element to a good sleep. The Actipol set generates a weak but constant magnetic field that improves your sleep. Easy and efficient, everybody can use it.

Published on 02/07/2017

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