Quality and know-how

Being a responsible company means applying rigorous ethics in the choice of materials and in the entire manufacturing chain.

Auris has chosen the best neodymium therapeutic magnets and top-of-the-line medical knitting for its textile supports.

From design to shipping, each step is mastered. Auris designs, manufactures, sews, assembles and packages in its own workshops located in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France

Our Hummingbird Program

Like the bird in the legend, we are committed to taking our share of responsibility in protecting our environment. This is why Auris has created the first recycling program for its magneto-active textiles: the Colibri program.

The program is based on two observations:

  • First, like all textiles, our splints can wear out over time, especially when worn daily, night and day.
  • On the other hand, our magnets are permanent and retain their effectiveness over time. We therefore suggest to our customers to send us back their used splints, so that we can recycle them. Indeed, the neodymium magnets are reprocessed and the Auris magneto-active textiles continue to be useful as they are transformed into thermal insulation.

To know more about Colibri