A magnet is said to be "therapeutic" when it is used for medical purposes.

We distinguish :

  • temporary magnets, which become magnetic when subjected to an electric current and whose intensity and frequency can vary on demand (used in our pulsed field devices)
  • permanent magnets, which have a stable and continuous magnetic field and which we use in free standing or integrated into our various products

But for a permanent magnet to have a positive effect on the body, it must have several properties:


First of all, its power.

We only use neodymium-iron-boron magnets, the most powerful on the market. Magnets with a remanence of 12,200 Gauss are the most appropriate, magnets of 14,000 Gauss bring nothing more and break very easily.

Biocompatible coating

For use on the skin, a therapeutic magnet must have a biocompatible coating.

The Auris therapeutic magnet is the only one with a titanium coating (patented) which considerably reduces the risk of allergies. It also has the advantage of not sticking to the skin and is therefore always clean after the adhesive has been removed.


The therapeutic magnet should also have rounded edges to avoid marking or damaging the skin and clear markings to identify the north side.

When used alone, as a loose fitting magnet, therapeutic magnets require an adequate system of attachment to the skin.