Founded in 1996, AURIS has been promoting magnet therapy and its many benefits for nearly 30 years.

Using permanent magnets for therapeutic purposes is not something new: they have been used for centuries in Asian medicine (in China, Japan, India...)

On the other hand, today we have at our disposal small neodymium magnets, very practical and at the same time very powerful. By offering these therapeutic magnets to be used in free standing, integrated into high quality technical textiles or other products, Auris is revolutionizing wellness in Europe and allows, among others, to

  • Relieve pain,
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Deeply moisturize
  • Revitalize yourself

With 4 patents registered, 6 clinical studies and more than 140 therapists recommending its products, Auris is now the leader in its market.

More than ever, Auris' objective is to offer all the benefits of magnetotherapy to as many people as possible, at the best price, without compromising the exceptional comfort and quality of its products.