Founded in 1996, AURIS has been promoting magnetotherapy and its many benefits for almost 30 years.

Using permanent magnets for therapeutic purposes is nothing new: they have been used for centuries in Asian medicine (in China, Japan, India, etc.).

Today, however, we have small neodymium magnets that are both very practical and very powerful. By offering these therapeutic magnets for free-standing use, integrated into high-quality technical textiles or even other products, Auris is revolutionising well-being in Europe, making it possible to..:

  • Relieve pain,
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Deeply moisturise
  • Revitalise

With 4 patents registered, 6 clinical studies and over 140 therapists recommending its products, Auris is now the market leader.

More than ever, Auris' objective is to offer all the benefits of magnetotherapy to as many people as possible, at the best price, without compromising on the exceptional comfort and quality of its products.

Our values

At Auris, we believe that our job is to take care of others. And in order to do this to the best of our ability, we rely on the STRONG VALUES that are our DNA:


Respect for our customers: this starts with offering you products of impeccable quality and listening to you actively: as your needs change, we strive to understand them so that we can offer you the most appropriate products and solutions. The availability of our experienced advisers is also important in providing you with optimum service.

It also means guaranteeing total transparency: we are committed to providing quality, reliable and honest information without exaggerating the results or benefits of our products.

Respect for our partners and employees: Respect also guides us in the way we work together on a daily basis. We believe that everyone working with or within our company should feel that they are being treated with the respect they deserve. Sincerity and honesty in our relationships and business practices are at the heart of a solid and lasting relationship.

Respect for our planet: At Auris, respect also means respect for our planet and its natural resources. That's why we make a commitment every day through our Colibri recycling programme.


Performance is at the heart of our approach to designing efficient, reliable and high-quality products that fully meet your needs. This performance enables us to establish the legitimacy of the natural therapy we represent.

Performance also guides us in our corporate culture, so that we can continue to improve, stand out from the crowd, better meet needs and exceed expectations: in our innovation drive, our production processes, and our ability to generate satisfaction.


As a market leader, it's our duty to break new ground in the application of magnetic therapy. Imagining new products, new services and new uses to bring ever greater well-being to as many people as possible.

It's no coincidence that today we have the widest range of products on our market.

We believe deeply in innovation, because we enjoy taking on new challenges, constantly evolving and coming up with new ideas to meet new needs. Because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of magnetotherapy. It's up to us to find the solutions!

Our commitments

Quality and expertise

Being a responsible company means applying rigorous ethics in the choice of materials and throughout the manufacturing chain.

Auris has chosen the best neodymium therapeutic magnets and top-of-the-range medical knitting for its textile supports.

From design to dispatch, every stage is mastered. Auris designs, manufactures, sews, assembles and packages in its own workshops in Andrézieux-Bouthéon, France.

Our Colibri programme

Like the bird in the legend, we are committed to taking our share of responsibility in protecting our environment. That's why Auris has created the first recycling programme for its magneto-active textiles: the Colibri programme.

The programme is based on two observations:

  • Firstly, like all textiles, our splints can wear out over time, especially when worn daily, night and day.
  • Secondly, our magnets are permanent and retain their effectiveness over time.

We therefore suggest that our customers return their used braces to us, so that we can recycle them. The neodymium magnets are reprocessed and the Auris magneto-active textiles continue to be useful as they are transformed into thermal insulation.

To find out more about Colibri


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