Magnetic therapy for my health and well-being

Magnetic therapy: how does it work?

Magnetotherapy or magnetic therapy is one of what is called « alternative medicines ». It uses powerful magnets in a therapeutic goal. Efficient, natural, safe and non-invasive, it offers lots of benefits such as pain relief, sleep quality improvement, deep hydration, energetic re-balancing…

Depending on their dimension, position and the way they are used, therapeutic magnets work different ways...

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100% authentic customer reviews

Impeccable service both in the Spirit and on the field. All my encouragement goes with you!
2023-03-04 by Jean-Pierre D.
Very satisfied with my order, the magnets are very effective, if they do not completely calm the pain they contribute to relieve it, the adhesives that [...]
2023-02-28 by Bernard M.
Excellent site. Fast and careful delivery. The bamboo magnetic plate is very efficient. (tests done with the dowsing pendulum [...]
2023-02-22 by Gilles V.
A perfect service, a very fast delivery, a site that I recommend for the quality and listening to the customer.
2023-02-20 by Yolande F.

Magnetotherapy benefits

Depending on your needs, therapeutic magnets can be used for an all-over action on your body, for a local application or via acupuncture points. They have numerous benefits, suit everybody and bring positive effects especially on:

  • Pain relief
  • Sleep quality enhancement
  • Deep Hydration
  • Energetic re-balancing

The products that are developed by Auris allow you to use our therapeutical magnet all over your body. We offer you two main solutions: free fitting magnets or magnetic textiles. Both solutions perform very well. For a first approach, we would recommend you...

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Our History

In 1996, Monique Vial (naturopathic) et Claude Brousse (physicist) set up Auris, in order to offer magnetotherapy benefits to the greatest number of people.

Using permanent magnets in a therapeutic goal is not something new: indeed, their ancestral use is known in Asian medicines for example (such as in China, in Japan, in India…)

But, today, we have neodymium magnets at our disposal: this means little sized magnets (making them very easy to use) with a strong power (making them also really efficient).

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Our values

Auris leans on strong values that make its DNA:

  • Proximity and customers satisfaction
  • Environmental conservation
  • Quality and know-how
  • An innovative spirit attentive to your needs

Auris always made Research & Development its main choice. Your needs keep evolving. Auris endeavors to understand them and to create even more performing and comfortable products in order to meet them at best. Within the framework of continual improvement of our products...

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Our commitments

Everyone has to take on his part of responsibility in the protection of our environment. That is the reason why Auris created its humming-bird program, starting from two facts: first of all, like every textiles, our supports may wear out with time, especially when worn every day, night&day long. Secondly our magnets are permanent and they can be used forever.

We propose each customer to send us back their used textile supports so that we can recycle them.

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