What is a therapeutic magnet ?

Magnetic therapy involves the weak static magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet for therapeutic purpose.

In order to be therapeutic, a magnet has to combine quality and power. Neodymium magnets 12200 Gauss (also called rare-earth) provide the best efficiency-power-volume correlation.

Therapeutic magnet’ efficiency holds on the combination of three main actions:

  • 1. They reduce the action potential of the C nerve fibre in the peripheral nerve. When an area in the body is painful, it sends a signal to the brain.The action of therapeutic magnets will basically help to reduce these messages.
  • 2. Therapeutic magnets induce a small electric current (not perceptible by the person using them)in the subcutaneous blood vessels of the area targeted. This is the principle of the law of induction (Faraday’s law). The brain recognises the “attacker” signal, localises it, and in return, produces endorphins (our strongest natural pain-killer) that will then be sent through blood transmission toward this area that sent the signal.
  • 3. They help to re-establish the magnetic field of the injured area to help it get back to normal and to heal. This is what we call the recovery of the electromagnetic homeostasis.


Who should I consult ? A kinesitherapist ? A specialised center ? Other ?

It is not necessary to consult a health professional to use therapeutic magnets. However, it is essential to consult to identify your pathology. Once the diagnosis is established, it is really easy to swap from traditional painkillers to therapeutic magnets.

Does my health insurance cover magnetic therapy ?

Some insurances do.

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