Insoles / Orthotics

Insoles / Orthotics

Powerful neodymium therapy magnets are precisely positioned to work effectively and to relieve pain. True to its level of quality requirement, Auris chooses and uses quality materials such as memory foam, activated carbon and medical silicone.

Our feet allow us to stay balanced while standing, walking and running. They support the weight of our body and absorb shocks in contact with the ground. It seems random, natural and simple and yet our feet are one of the most important and complex mechanisms of our body.

In fact, each foot is made up of 26 bones, 16 joints, 20 muscles and 107 ligaments, the greatest number of sweat glands ( the organs that secrete sweat when certain parts of the body overheat) and 7,200 nerve endings connected to the brain.

The importance of proper footwear

Initially, our feet were made to be in direct contact with the ground, without shoes or socks. However, due to our lifestyle, society and culture, opportunities to walk barefoot become rare and unusual. Our feet are continually confined inside our shoes or boots. The shoes become the environment which our feet are in contact with. It will continue to transmit information about the state of its environment, i.e the shoe to our brain. It is therefore essential to wear comfortable quality shoes, equipped with good quality soles, which respect the anatomy of our feet. We will thus avoid transmitting bad information to our brain which will have as a consequence many imbalances : scoliosis, back pain, knee or hip pain, fungal infection etc..

Walking comfortably is an essential health act to maintain good physical shape.

Auris presents a range of magneto-active insoles and orthosis developed by our R&D department to respond to circulatory problems of hallux-valgus and heel spur

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