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The choice of elegance and benefits of magnetic therapy through Auris jewellery. Different styles are available, copper or hematite bracelets, jonc bracelets, beads or with links. In addition, the magnets are real therapeutic neodymium magnets.

Magnetic bracelets are divided into 3 categories:

  • 1) Magnetic copper bracelets. But beware all these magnetic bracelets are not the same, they must be made of pure copper and unpainted inside because it is the absorption of copper carbonate by the skin that produces the famous anti-rheumatic and anti-pain effects. Copper and skin will change colour, more or less black or more or less green. If the colour does not change, your magnetic bracelet only looks like copper. To know if your magnetic bracelet is made of copper: it must be easily deformed because copper is a soft metal. Another important point, the magnets must be neodymium and in contact with the palm surface of the wrist where many acupuncture points are located. If your magnetic bracelet meets these criteria, it will relieve your rheumatism and pain.
  • 2) The so-called magnetic bracelets, without any benefits, are often presented in teleshopping. The links consist of a simple folded thin sheet, often gold coloured, with very low-end magnets of 800 Gauss, way too weak to have any therapeutic effect. And 6 magnets of 800 Gauss each have never made and will never make a 4800 Gauss magnet! Yet they promise the end of all your pain as if by a miracle... Run away from it if you don’t want to lose your money.
  • 3) Quality ceramic or stainless steel magnetic bracelets with neodymium magnets defined by their remanence: 12,200 Gauss, for a magnetic field of 3,000 Gauss in contact with the skin. It is the power and quality of neodymium magnets that will give a magnetic bracelet therapeutic properties.

So, can a magnetic bracelet relieve pain?

Remember that the magnetic field of a magnet decreases with the square of the distance, which means that it acts very locally, that is, at the wrist level. A magnetic bracelet cannot, under any circumstances, relieve back pain, knee arthritis, migraines or whatever. In addition, a magnetic bracelet, even with the best magnets in the world, remains an accessory and cannot replace a magneto-active textile such as a belt, a knee pad, an elbow pad, a shoulder pad, etc.

Tip: always check the description of magnetic jewellery, including the characteristics of the magnets.

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