Auris, the leader in magnetic therapy, has always been very committed to preserving the environment and natural resources.

That's why we're offering the first recycling programme for your used magneto-active textiles.

Take part in the auris-colibri programme and receive a voucher equal to 20% of the initial amount of your purchase as a thank you.

I recycle my magneto-active textiles

1 - I give my contact details

All you have to do is connect

2 - I indicate the products I wish to return

Here is the list of products eligible for the Colibri programme. Please tick the products you wish to recycle.

Your request has been registered!
Please fill in all the necessary details before confirming.
Send my request

What happens next?

3 - I receive my pre-paid label

Keep an eye on your inbox, your pre-paid return label will be sent to you shortly. All you have to do is print it out.

4 - Preparing my parcel

Choose a suitable, protected box because of the neodymium magnets (crumpled newspaper, bubble wrap, etc.). Stick the pre-paid returns label on the parcel.

5 - Dropping off my parcel

I drop my parcel off at a Colissimo depot. Click here to find a depot near me

6 - I receive my voucher

Keep an eye on your inbox, your voucher will be sent to you as soon as we receive your parcel.

Thank you for your cooperation