We know the magnetic field of natural magnets, found in different parts of the world, appeared some millions of years ago. But the magnetic field of manganese ore is very weak compared to the one of artificial magnets. Under normal circumstances, artificial neodymium and ferrite magnets retain their magnetisation for almost an unlimited time.

However, external influences such as temperature, vibrations or opposite magnetic fields can have negative effects on
the magnetic strength of the magnet.

Safety precautions : ( Precaution d’emploi)

  • Neodymium magnet : do not expose under a temperature over 80 degrees. Do not expose to repeated shocks. Do not submit to a contrary magnetic field. Beware of the oxidation of the material which can reduce the surface of the magnet.
  • Ferrite magnet : Do not expose to a temperature over 250 degrees or under -40 degrees. Do not expose to repeated chocks. Do not submit to a powerful opposite magnetic field able to reverse the poles. Be careful of the chipping of the edges of the ferrite magnet which reduces its dimensions.

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