In addition to all their assets, therapeutic magnets only require quick and easy maintenance.

How to maintain therapeutic magnets ?

Unlike crystal-stones, magnets don’t need to be re-charged after being used. Their energy is constant. They require very little and easy maintenance.

Magneto-active textiles are indeed textiles, hence they can be hand washed or machine washed using cold water. The magnets are water resistant and won’t be damaged by the wash, they will not lose their benefits and power.

The therapeutic magnets available in the Medimag range do not require a particular maintenance either thanks to their patented cover. If there's tape remaining, you can take a little bit of flour or talc in the palm of your hand, scrub it with your finger and it will clean it out perfectly.

Acetone or any other remover shall not be used in any cases.

Juvelys masks can also be hand or machine washed with cold water.

Auris’ magnetic hairbrush can be maintained like any other regular hairbrush.

How to position the magnets ?

It’s easy.You need to start by identifying the epicentre of the pain, the “loco Dolores”, then put one or several pairs of the therapeutic magnets from either side of the pain. The therapeutic magnets can be fixed with tape, however to make it easier you can simply choose to go for the magneto-active textiles.The magnets are already inside the textile and are as efficient as the regular ones. The choice of the magnets (its diameter) depends on the zone, the depth and the intensity of the pain.

How many sessions ?

Therapeutic magnets should not be used in session but according to your needs. How long the magnet needs to be on the injured area will depend on which category you belong to :

  • For ultra-fast magnet-sensitive people, only a few hours will do
  • For regular magnet-sensitive people, 3 to 4 days
  • For slow magnet-sensitive people, 8 to 10 days
  • In very rare cases, some people might not be magnet - sensitive

What precaution should be taken ?

Be aware of the power of the magnets, you could get pinched if you’re not careful.

What are the contraindications ?

People with pacemakers or insulin pumps are advised against the use of magnets. Do not put the magnets on a wound.

What are the side effects ?

None. Magnets are an external treatment, there is no risk of addiction. Magnetic therapy uses a constant magnetic field which does not present any health risk.