Magnetized water


The benefits of magnetised water

The water we drink every day has unfortunately lost its natural properties, those of spring water that has long roamed in the earth’s magnetic field. One of the very interesting but perhaps less known aspects of magnets is to change the molecular structure of water, so restructured it becomes more moisturising. Natural water is the best ally to our health. The results on transit and skin are not long in coming. Any liquid can be magnetised: water (mineral, tap, still, sparkling), fruit juices, vegetable juices, non-dairy milks…

Magnetised water should not be heated up, magnetise your teas, herbal teas, soups... once they are hot.

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Product benefits


Improves intracellular exchanges and, as a result, provides tone and energy.


Eases transit and elimination of waste.


Hydrate deeply, to feel good about your body and maintain it as it should.