In our daily lives, we are always on the go, but we sometimes forget some basic health habits, and one of the most important is to stay hydrated!

Water, what an extraordinary resource offered by Mother Nature. It is accessible, inexpensive and yet indispensable to our health:
Among its many roles, it drains our organic waste, promotes the transport of antibodies as well as many other molecules. Thanks to the amniotic fluid, it protects the fetus in pregnant women, and helps maintain the acid-base balance of our body.

Did you know that we are composed of about 70% water? Globally, we could survive without eating for several days, but we could not do so without drinking.
To function properly, our cells, organs and brain need (among other things) to consume 2L of water per day, including drinks and food. This volume can obviously vary according to gender, age or physical activity.

Here are some tips on how to stay well hydrated.

Drink water throughout the day.

Starting the day with a big glass of lukewarm water (so as not to shock the body with cold as soon as you wake up) is a very good habit to have.

During the night, our body makes its great cleaning. Water in the morning on an empty stomach helps to support this detoxification by carrying away the remaining toxins and waste. It also helps to activate the metabolism slowly.

Then, it is important to drink regularly during the day. There is no need to drink a huge glass of water in one go. Why not?
Let's take the example of a very dry land like we sometimes see in the middle of summer. At the first heavy rain, little water is absorbed. Most of the water slides off the surface.
It is the same with our cells and tissues. Spreading your drink throughout the day allows your body to absorb more water.
To avoid thinking about it only when you feel thirsty, don't hesitate to drink a glass of water before your meal. This will not disturb your digestion, quite the contrary!

Have water on hand

We don't always think about carrying water with us. However, making this a habit is a good way to remember to stay hydrated.
When our brain triggers the sensation of thirst, our cells are already dehydrated. This can lead to fatigue, loss of attention, irritability...
It is even more important to be vigilant with age because the sensation of thirst decreases.

To have water at hand, there is nothing like an Auris magnetic water bottle.
Did you know that? Magnetized water provides better hydration.
Unfortunately, bottled water or water from our taps has been away from its source for far too long to retain its energetic benefits. Several studies, including one by Marie Curie University in Poland, have shown that a continuous magnetic field can restore the natural magnetism of water molecules and lower their surface tension.
Thus, water subjected to a magnetic field naturally regains the physical characteristics of spring water. That is to say, water that has a fireplace in the earth's magnetic field. This recovered energy improves the exchanges between our cells.

Good hydration... in food!

We often forget that food is also a source of hydration.
We will obviously think of vegetables that can be cooked in hot or cold soups.  To note: Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini and celery contain the most water. Water-filled fruits are also recommended, watermelon being the star thanks to its 91% water content.
Fish are composed of an average of 70% water, and yoghurts often have a water content of over 80%.

Did you know that? Just like water, foods rich in water can also be magnetized. Simply place them on the Aquaflux magnetic tray.

Engage in regular physical activity

It is important to maintain your muscle mass throughout your life for several reasons and one of them, you will have understood, is hydration.
Camels store their water in their humps and human beings in their muscles! In fact, they retain much more water than fat or any other organ (73% against about 10% for fat).
Intense or gentle physical activity, everyone can find something to do.

Herbal teas or other juices are not worth the water

Water should remain the main drink. Tea, coffee, herbal teas and other drinks do not provide the same water intake as water. These drinks, even without added sugar, because of their diuretic effect, limit the absorption of water in the body.
When consumed in large quantities, they can also strain the kidneys.

Avoid drinks that dehydrate

In fact, there are many drinks that are not as good as water for hydration. As a basic rule, avoid sodas.
Also, prefer water to fruit juices, fresh, nectars or other elixirs super enriched in minerals and vitamins straight from your refrigerator. These contain a lot of sugar, which will have an adverse effect on your body.
And, perhaps needless to say, alcohol is not at all recommended for hydration!