Water, a simple yet so mysterious liquid “ water is not a liquid like any other”, confirms Jose Teixeira, emeritus researcher at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Everyone can be convinced of this : ice cube floats, whereas as solids they should be denser than the liquid phase and,  therefore, sink. In addition, just above zero, instead of dilating on heating, water contracts, then from four degrees expands. Thus, dozens of anomalies have been recorded for this liquid yet so common.

It’s been only 15 years that a study has demonstrated some remarkables actions of the magnetic field on water. Indeed, the application for 31 minutes of a static magnetic field of 0,2 T (2000 Gauss) showed changes in the hydrating structure of the water : the size of the molecules is reduced by a degassing effect, the electrical conductivity power improves and the surface tension decreases. These effects are partly explained by the extraordinary biological results observed with magnetised water.

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