It is a film that has a magical aspect : you place it on an object that contains a magnet and it shows you the magnetic field produced by the magnet, even through a wall.

Mapping points of magnetic intensity

Before the invention of this film, very expensive electronic scanning devices had to be used to map points of magnetic intensity and provide a visual representation of flux lines on a computer screen.

A unique microencapsulation process has been developed which allows a very thin 5 hundredths of a millimetre layer of magnetically sensitive suspension to be bonded to a 1.5 tenths of a millimetre sheet of plastic film. In the encapsulation process, nickel particles in colloidal suspension are trapped in gelatinous membranes. The suspension is then coated on the plastic film and allowed to dry. The particles then retain their freedom of movement within the gelatinous

When a continuous magnetic field is applied to the film, the nickel particles gather in alignment with the flux lines emanating from the magnetic source. The mass gathering of nickel particles causes a dark appearance of the film directly where the magnetic field acts on it. An exact two-dimensional image or impression of the magnetic pole or pole pattern (if there is more than one) is produced. This image fades once the film is removed from the magnetic source and the nickel particles can freely re-disperse into their gelatinous cells.

Try this magical film

This is a copy (5x5 cm) of this high-tech magical film that we offer you with every Auris Bamboo magnetic tray. You will be able to visualise each magnet and appreciate its dimensions, Auris doesn’t hide anything from you !