Cervical pain, natural solutions exist!

What is neck pain?

Cervicalgia is literally a "pain of the cervical spine" and represents a symptom rather than a real pathology. It is important to know that approximately 40% of the population suffers from episodes of neck pain during its life, whether they are chronic (long term) or acute (sudden onset).

The origins are multiple:

  • arthrosis
  • muscular contractures
  • vertebral or visceral dysfunction (by dysfunction we mean lack of mobility of the spine or organs such as the thyroid or sub-diaphragmatic organs which are linked to the cervicals by their innervation with the vagus nerve)
  • ill-fitting glasses
  • dental problems
  • poorly adapted workstation

How to treat them?

Before anything else, it is essential to check and re-evaluate (if necessary) your workstation, especially when you work in an office. It is absolutely necessary that your spine be straightened without effort, so that it is "natural" and therefore not energy consuming: using the seat tilt of your office chair will allow you to easily reverse your pelvis, in order to reduce the lumbar camber (lordosis) which is directly related to the cervical lordosis. This means that straightening your lumbar spine will naturally straighten your cervical spine.

Once the spine is straightened, you must adjust the height of the seat in relation to the desk, without varying the position of your shoulders. Contact with the desk should be made at the level of the forearms so as not to break the wrists, in order not to create tendinomuscular surges.
Your screen(s) may not be facing you, as long as your keyboard is facing you and you keep your spine in the position mentioned above.

Other gentle methods can help relieve neck pain:

Magnetic therapy allows you to soothe your neck pain thanks to 100% natural methods and without side effects.
By inhibiting local peripheral nerves and stimulating the production of endorphins, therapeutic magnets relieve your joint and muscle discomfort such as cervical osteoarthritis, cervical headaches, torticollis, Atlas syndrome and other sequelae of rheumatoid arthritis. Auris offers a whole range of products dedicated to this purpose, including free-standing magnets (Medimag®), a cervical orthosis (Cerviflex® magnetic), magnetic pillows and cushions...

Simple exercises can also soothe and prevent these problems:
It is possible to maintain the elasticity of your cervical spine by doing stretching exercises as regularly as possible. Sports such as Pilate or yoga are also recommended to maintain flexibility and sheath the deep muscles to improve the tone of the spine.

In any case, it is always interesting to consult a specialist.
An osteopath, for example, will rebalance the global mechanics so that the cervical spine is solicited in a more physiological way. He will also be able to determine if your glasses or your occlusion is the cause of the problem and refer you to the right person. In the same way, if the cervical pains are of visceral origin, the osteopath will be able to mobilize the organs in a soft way so that they find a "normal" function and do not transmit any more erroneous nervous messages generating the cervical muscular contractures. In this case, the parallel intervention of an acupuncturist is recommended to optimize the energy balance of the system.