If for some people spring is synonymous with sorting out and tidying up the house, it is also the best time to look after your body.

The first day of spring is none other than the spring equinox, a time when the length of the nights and days are identical. It is the beginning of the progressive increase in the length of the days until the paroxysm: the day of the summer solstice. Nature awakens and so does our desire to get out of our winter torpor!

This is what has inspired Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, which considers that nature is in all things. According to the principles of this medicine, each season is associated with one of the 5 elements with an organ/visceral pair. This year, the element "Wood" is related to spring, as well as the liver and the gallbladder.

The liver filters the blood and governs the energy of the tendons and muscles. When the body is active, the blood goes to the muscles and when it is at rest, it returns to the liver and thus replenishes the energy of the body.
The gallbladder supports the liver, it capitalizes the bile and redistributes it. It is the "dustbin" of all that is not expressed by the liver...emotions included!

You will have understood, spring is THE time to practice any physical activity that promotes the stretching of the muscles to make the liver's energy circulate freely. So get on your yoga mats!

It is also possible to practice a hepato-biliary drainage with plants such as Desmodium or Boldo. Beware of plants with pungent and/or acidic flavors such as black radish and artichoke, whose energetic effects are too sharp for the hepatic system and may not have the desired effect in case of imbalance.

Favour unprocessed foods and wholemeal flours and sugars which will facilitate the hepatic metabolism without saturating it in the process of glycogenesis, and will participate in improving your transit thanks to the fibres they contain.

If you can, try walking barefoot, this will stimulate all the reflexology points under your feet, including the 1 of the Kidney which will allow you to capture the energy of the Earth. You can also try to walk with flip-flops, this will stimulate point 2 of the Liver and calm down anger!
While waiting for the hot weather or for those who are not comfortable with bare feet, the magnetic Pediflux® Reflex insoles act on the reflex points of the digestive system (see photo opposite). To try them is to adopt them!